Monday, September 4, 2017

We all love to eat out.  We certainly have our choice of cuisine to convenience.  We often have difficulty finding something healthy on the menu.  Many restaurants are beginning to offer more healthy options.  There's a growing movement in favor of going back to using locally sourced foods in restaurants called farm-to-table.  A little over 100 years ago locally sourced food was a no brainer, but as families have moved to the cities and away from rural areas and the building of highways, many food is moved across country. Americans have come to rely more and more on processed foods for fast and convenient meals.

In the 60s and 70s people began to be concerned about where their food came from and offering support for the local farmer. Restaurants in California, Colorado and Washington began to use locally farmed food in their meals.  Today that movement has really taken off.  Farmer's Markets are popping up all over and we can now find restaurants using local produce from where we live. 

The Farm to Table scene is a very refreshing trend to today's hectic lifestyle.  It brings us back to the basics and encourages us to enjoy the benefits of healthy, locally grown foods.  The support to the local farmer is enormous.

One such Farm to Table event is being held here at the Gables Inn and Gardens, November 4.  There will also be honey tasting.  You can purchase your tickets here.